Periodontal Laser Treatment

Our dental office is now proud to be able to bring the benefits of laser dentistry technology for periodontal treatment.

The advantages of LASER gum therapy are:

  • It’s a non-invasive procedure.
  • No scalpel or sutures are used.
  • Reduced bleeding, swelling, root sensitivity, and discomfort during and after treatment.
  • Shortened recovery time.

The laser periodontal treatment procedure follows a series of straightforward steps.

  1. First, the patient is administered a local anesthetic to numb the mouth.
  2. The dentist or the hygienist then removes tartar below the gums with an ultrasonic scaler.
  3. Next, we gently position the Odyssey laser --about the size of three hairs-- between the tooth and the surrounding gums. The laser clears away infected gum tissue in a matter of minutes with little effect on healthy tissue. It also promotes healing and prevents further infections by disinfecting the pocket, sealing blood vessels, and stimulating new gum and bone growth.

Treatment can be completed in one office visit or in multiple visits, depending on the level of infection. Following the laser dentistry treatment, the gums heal quickly, allowing most patients to return to work almost immediately.

The dramatically increased comfort for our patients made the new system attractive to our office. We do encourage patients to take care of the need now to reduce further damage to their gums, teeth and bone.

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